Time Portal – Box

5 Feb 2017

On the 11th of February we’ll be teleporting ourselves to the Starving Artist Fair at Scape in Singapore. Come say Hi at the Mad Scientist Cat table, the first 10 people to buy something from us will get a free badge. We’re also both doing short talks: Kat will be talking about the science of reading comics and Jess will be talking about how she created the font for this comic. Even if you don’t live in Singapore, please check out some of the great local talent here: http://www.starvingartistfair.com/

We’ll be selling the first printed issue of our comic, and Jess will be selling illustrations and crafts.

Dr Mad’s Time Portal box is our ode to the Transmogrifier in Calvin and Hobbes, a comic we both really enjoy.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1.
Prof Panda: So your new invention is a box.
Dr Mad: Not just any box, this opens a portal to any time in the past or future!

Panel 2.
Dr Mad: Here I GOOOOOO!

Panel 4.
Dr Mad: WAIT! Don't use the box!
Prof Panda: You're too late!

Panel 5.
Dr Mad: Eh, never mind then.

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