As we’re only just starting, we’re mainly selling directly at events. However if you really are keen please do contact us to see if we have stock and are able to give you a price if not already stated.

Prices will be in SGD (S$) and delivery will reflect that we live in Singapore. We can take cash if in person or PayPal/bank transfer of you want delivery.

Mad Scientist Cat – issue #1 – S$ 7.00 SGD + Delivery

We have done a very small print run of physical books. It could be great as a gift or if you want to preview some of the comics before they appear online. Or you’re just old school and want paper =). The book is printed on recycled paper.

Button Badges

Jess designs badges, prints them at home and hand presses them in a badge maker. She also occasionally does mini original art badges.


We may consider commissions, but as this comic is a side project to our main work commitments, it can largely depend on our work schedules and nature of the commission.