11 Dec 2016

This comic is inspired by the recently published paper from Xing et al that examines a dinosaur tail found trapped in amber. This isn’t the first time that dinosaur remains have been identified with feathers, but this find in particular really catches attention because the feathers are still intact and show colours!

There’s an interesting response from many people when they hear about these new developments in the study of dinosaurs. A sort of backlash of “Well in my mind, dinosaurs will always look like giant lizards, not some stupid bird things!”. At least they can sleep safe in the knowledge that the brontosaurus is real. Probably.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1.
Prof Panda: The technicians are complaining that you've been using the CT scanner all day.
Dr Mad: I've been analysing this fossilised human paw that was found in a block of amber. I've discovered something remarkable!

Panel 2.
Dr Mad: We always assumed that humans had fur. This specimen shows they hardly had any fur at all! We'll have to completely reconsider how we study extinct animals.

Panel 3.
Prof Panda: But that means...

Panel 4.
Awww! Science ruins my childhood again!

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