Character Development

3 Sep 2016

It has been about a year since we came up with the Mad Scientist Cat comic at the 24hr Comic Day event (Oct 2015). While we knew straight away that this idea could go beyond just the event, we both were fairly sleep deprived at the time, we knew we’d need some creative space after the event to properly develop the comic.

At the event there was very little time to think about character development. We spent time after discussing, debating and fleshing out both the visuals and background information. This definitely has been the advantage of working on the comic in a big batch rather than as we go along, which I often have done for past webcomics.

The creative process isn’t always pretty and often fraught with imperfection. I thought i’d share some of that art side of that process.

Dr Mad original character design

This was the very first character concept that I did the day before the event just to give myself a reference. Continue reading