The start of Madness

30 Aug 2016

It has been a somewhat random journey from moving to Singapore from the UK and ending up with a webcomic.

Me and Kat (Adam) moved to Singapore in April 2015 due to Kat getting a job as a researcher at NTU. It was a huge move but something that was just perfectly timed in our lives. It took me a while to set up as a freelance and just to generally feel more settled.

So with a very dear UK friend and her husband due at the con as guests (and how I heard about it in the first place), STGCC 2015 was a perfect way to get a taste of Singapore creativity. We decided to attend a talk of fantastic locally based comic people including Kelly Bender (comic writer) & CT Lim (Comic historian). Kelly suggested that I attend the 24hr Comic Day event that was due to happen a few weeks later.

You can find more photos and details from our Facebook STGCC – 12-13th Sept 2015 album.

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