The Science of Reading Comics – Talk

12 Feb 2017

Yesterday we boothed at the Starving Artist Fair, Big thanks to all that visited our booth =D. The event were looking for a few more people to speak so Kat decided to do a very informal talk about some of the research out there on the science of reading comics. To help illustrate the talk he borrowed the research grade eye tracker form work to read some comics. They are really facilitating images & videos. And there was me thinking that all he did all day was go to meetings and look at boring data tables =P (though he insists that still is mainly the case lolz).

It was really interesting to hear him take a more science approach to comics and gave even me insight into designing layouts. It is really worth checking out the video.

For all your scientists out there, apparently this is a “fixation map”.

Procrastination - Eyetracker Fixation Map